Best Kodi Repositories .Zip File To Download (Often Update) 2020

best kodi repositories zip file to download

You can download a kodi add-on .zip or a kodi repository .zip then install them on your kodi. This is an easy way that help you install success any kodi addon, any kodi repos that you want with few steps...In this post, we will try often update to latest version most of the best kodi repositories at this time.

#1. How To Install A Kodi Repository From .Zip File
Now, we will show all steps that help you learn about how to install kodi addons or kodi repositories from a .zip file. I will use repository.kodil-x.x.zip to make this example, you can download latest version of repository.kodil-1.3.zip from Here or Mirror Here (saved this file to any location on your devices that you can found it easy.)

Open Kodi from your devices

》Click Add-ons

》Continue click on Add-on browser (Box-Icon in top left conner)

》Then select Install from zip file

》Select repository.kodil-1.3.zip file that you have downloaded.

》Wait few seconds to see the notification like as "...Kodil Repository add-on installed". Now, this repo have installed on your kodi & ready to use.

#2. List Best Kodi Repostories .Zip File To Download (Update 2020)
The List below will provider you top 10 best kodi repositories at this time. The list of most kodi repos .zip to download that sorted via ABC (often update to latest version) you can found in bottom of this page.

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Top 10 Best Kodi Repositories:
1. Kodil Repo
The Kodil Repo (Kodisrael) tops #1 in our top 10 best kodi repositories 2019 is due to the quality and quantity it consists of. It allows you install over 400 video addons for movies, news, sports, live TV,  music, etc...and over 100 program addons that often update to newest version to make most of them working well for you.
  • Repo URL: http://www.lvtvv.com/repo
  • Zip: download

2. Diamond Wizard Repo
  • Repo URL: http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com
  • Zip: download

3. Man Cave Repo
  • Repo URL: http://mcteam.tech/repo
  • Zip: download

4. KodiBae Repository
  • Repo URL: http://xbmc.samyantoun.com/Honn
  • Zip: download

5. Kodinerds Repo

6. EzzerMacs Wizard Repository
  • Repo URL: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo
  • Zip: download

7. OneNation Repo
  • Repo URL: http://onenation.info/Repo/
  • Zip: download

8. TVAddons.co Repository
  • Repo URL: http://fusion.tvaddons.co
  • Zip: 

9. The Crew Repo

10. Vikings Repo

List Kodi Repos .Zip sorted via ABC:
  • AllEyezOnMe Repo (repository.alleyezonme.zip): Download
  • AH Repo (repository.ah-1.0.zip): Download
  • Androidbboy repository .zip (v-1.1): Download
  • Adryan repository .zip : Download
  • Ajs builds repository .zip : Download
  • Bugatsinho Repo (repository.bugatsinho-2.3.zip): Download
  • Brettus Repo (repository.brettus.repo-1.0.2.zip): Download
  • Bamf Repo (repository.bamf-1.1.zip): Download
  • Bg Add-ons Repo: (repo.bg.plugins.zip): Download
  • Butter Finger Repo (repository.butter-0.8.3.zip): Download
  • Blamo repository .zip (v-0.1.3) : Download
  • Boom! repository .zip (v-1.5) : Download
  • Bookmarklite repository .zip (v-1.6): Download
  • CellarDoorTV Repo (repository.cdrepo-7.7.zip): Download
  • CerebroTV repository .zip : Download
  • 13Clowns Repo (repository.13clowns-4.0.10.zip): Download
  • Capebretonandroidboxes Repo (v-1.3) : Download
  • cCloud Repo (repository.ccloud.v1.0.zip): Download
  • Continuum Repo (repository.continuum-1.0.3.zip): Download
  • Diamond Wizard Repo (repository.Diamond-Wizard-Repo-1.0.0.zip) : Download
  • Defalt Repo (repository.defalt-x.x.zip): Download
  • Exodus Redux Repo (repository.exodusredux-0.0.8.zip): Download
  • Eggman Repo (repository.eggman.zip): Download
  • EzzerMacs Wizard Repo (repository.EzzerMacsWizard.zip) : Download
  • EIM4QED Repo (repository.eim.forqed-3.5.zip): Download
  • Fido Repo (repository.fido-1.1.zip) : Download
  • Firestickplusman repository .zip (v-0.1.9) : Download
  • Goldengun Repo (repository.goldengun-9.1.1.zip): Download
  • Gentec Repo (repository.gentec-1.2.9.zip) : Download
  • GenieTV Repo (repository.Genietv.zip): Download
  • Gaia Repo (repository.gaia.zip) : Download
  • Galaxy repository .zip (v-) : Download

  • iTzMe Repo (repository.itzm-3.0.0.zip): Download
  • Illuminati Repository .zip (v-1.2.1) : Download
  • Intrcomp media Repository .zip (v-2.6) : Download
  • Incursion Repository .zip (v-0.0.3) : Download
  • Jesus Box TV repository .zip (v-1.0.5) : Download
  • JewRepo (repository.jewrepo-1.5.3.zip ): Download
  • Judgement repository .zip (v-2.3) : Download
  • Kodibae Repo (repository.kodibae-3.0.0.zip) : Download
  • Kodil Repo (repository.kodil-1.3.zip): Download
  • Kodiuktv Repo (repository.kodiuktv-1.1.2.zip): Download
  • Kodi Ghost Repo (repository.kodi_ghost-1.0.zip): Download
  • Kidjones Repo (repository.kidjones-1.0.0.zip) : Download
  • Kodi Balkan Repo (repository.kodibalkan-2.1.2.zip): Download
  • Luxury Repo (repository.luxury-1.6.zip): Download
  • Loki Repo (repository.loki-0.0.5.zip): Download
  • Legion'N'Unhinged Repo (repository.Legion.N.Unhinged-1.4.zip) : Download
  • Live TV Serbia Repo (repository.livetvSerbia-1.1.zip) : Download
  • Loop Repo (repository.loop.zip): Download
  • Looking Glass repository .zip (v-) : Download
  • MaverickTV Repo (repository.maverickrepo-3.8.zip): Download
  • Mbebe Repo (repository.mbebe.zip): Download
  • Menace Repo (repository.menacerepo-0.0.6.zip): Download
  • Man Cave Repo (repository.mancaverepo-4.0.0.zip): Download
  • Maniac repository .zip (v-) : Download
  • Mic repository .zip : Download
  • Mad house repository .zip (v-1.0.18) : Download
  • Merlin repository .zip (v-2.0.0) : Download
  • Nixgates Repo (nixgates.repository.zip): Download
  • Noobsandnerds repository .zip (v-2.3.5) : Download

  • Oblivion Repo (repository.oblivion-1.1.zip): Download
  • Orion Repo (repository.orion.zip): Download
  • OneNation Repo (repository.onenation-1.0.5): Download
  • OneAlliance Reborn Repo (repository.onealliance-3.0.2.zip) : Download
  • Pandoras Repo (repository.pansbox-0.1.0.zip): Download
  • Phoenixreborn Repo (repository.phoenixreborn-1.6.6.zip): Download
  • Purerepo repository .zip (v-0.0.4): Download
  • Podpis repository .zip (v-1.4.1): Download & Script.module.ramic.zip : Download

  • Redhood repository .zip (v-1.0.0) : Download
  • Rising Tides Repo (repository.Rising.Tides-1.0.zip): Download
  • Ring of Saturn Repo (repository.rings-x.x.x.zip ): Download
  • Radix repository .zip (v-1.2) : Download
  • Resistance repository .zip : Download

  • Supremacy Repo (repository.supremacy-1.0.zip): Download
  • StarTec Repo (repository.startec-1.3.3.zip): Download
  • StreamArmy Repo (repository.streamarmy-10.3.zip) : Download
  • SkymashiTV Repo (repository.skymashitv-0.3.zip) : Download
  • Steptoes Repo (repository.steptoes-2.7.zip) : Download
  • Sandman Media Repo (repository.sm-2.1.zip : Download
  • Stefano Repo (repository.stefanorepository-3.2.zip): Download
  • Streetwise repository .zip (v-) : Download
  • Streamhub repository .zip (v-1.1) : Download
  • Skydark's Repo (repository.skydarks-7.2.0.zip) : Download
  • Subzero repository .zip : Download
  • Simtech repository .zip (v-3.2): Download
  • Streamarmy repository .zip (v-9.8): Download

  • The Crew Repo (repository.thecrew-0.0.8): Link
  • Tempest Repo (repository.tempest-0.0.3.zip): Download
  • T2K Repo (repository.T2K-1.1.7.zip): Link
  • TURKvod Repo (repository.turkvod-2.2.1.zip): Download
  • Team jarvis repository .zip : Download
  • Teverz repository .zip : Download
  • Trademark repository .zip (v-1.6) : Download

  • UKTurk Repo (repository.ukTurk-2.0.0.zip) : Download
  • Umbrella Corporation Repo (repository.umbrellac orp-1.3.zip) : Download
  • Universe Repo (repository.universerepo-1.0.zip) : Download
  • Ukodi1 repository .zip (v-0.0.5): Download
  • UK1 repository .zip : Download
  • .VipSecretREPO (repository.vipsecrettv-1.0.5.zip) : Download
  • .Vikings Repo (repo.vikings.zip): Download
  • Venom Repo (repository.venom-x.x.zip): Download
  • WhereTheMonstersLive Repostiory .zip (v-1.2): Download


  • ZadarHR repo (v1.3.1): Download
  • (ZT) Zero Tolerance repository .zip (v-5.2) : Download

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