How To Download and Install .Zip File On Firestick TV Kodi

Few days ago, I received some questions from the kodi users on Fire Stick that "How to download and install a .zip file on Amazon Firestick TV?"

For some reason, when you want to install an kodi add-on, a kodi repository or a kodi builds for kodi on your Firestick. But the URL address to install them is not working or can not connect, so installing them from a .zip file is a quick and reasonable solution.

Now I will guide you, who use kodi on the amazon Firestick TV, how to install a zip file rather than adding source URLs to the Kodi File Manager. Instructions for installing the zip file are made via ES File Explorer

This tutorial consists of two parts, How to install ES File Explorer for Firestick and How to download and install a zip file for Fire stick through ES File Explorer


...1. From amazon Fire TV/Stick Home screen, click Settings
...2. Then click Device
...3. Select Developer options
...4. Select Apps from Unknown Sources to change it from OFF to ON
...5. Click Turn On buttom 
...6. Now return to Firestick home screen
...7. Select Search & start typing ES File Explorer
...8. Select ES File Explorer when the application appears
...9. Select Free
Now, Wait few second for ES File Explorer will download and installing on your Firestick. That is the 1st step complete. Now, we can now move to 2rd step "How to download and install a .zip file for your Firestick"


Before we start, you need to know the url address of the .Zip files that you wish to download and install. For this example i am going to use the Kodibae Testing repo zip.

The url address to download Kodibae repository .zip :

Like you seen, the URL can be pretty long and would be a pain putting in to the Amazon Firestick. So, i'll use the URL shortener website to make a short link for the URL address to download kodibae repository .zip.

This is short link to download kodibae repository .zip :

1...Open ES File Explorer
2...Select Fovorite when ES File Explorer open
3...Click Add
4...An Add to favorite box open, click Path
5...Type EXACTLY this URL on box: and click Next
( is shortlink to download Kodibae repository .zip that i was created in the top)
6...Add a name for the zip file & select Next. I will use the name KodiBoss.Com this example
7...Then click Add
8...You should now have a bookmark in your Favourites with the name you chose. Select it "KodiBoss.Com"

9...Now, the .zip file will download and tell you the location of the download (which will always be the Download directory on your Firestick)
Remember: DO NOT select Open Folder or Open File, Press the Home button on your Firestick to return to Firestick home screen
10...Press the Home button on your Firestick and launch Kodi and select Add-ons
11...Then click Box icon/Browser add-ons
12...Select Install from zip file
13...And continue select External storage
14...Then continue select Download
15...And select
16...Wait few second. You will see a notification as Kodi Bae repository Add-on installed...
All is done, you was finished all steps of the tutorial "How to download and install a .zip file for Kodi on Firestick TV".

Hope this guide can help you a bit. If you see this guide helpful, please share this blog for everybody. Thanks You.!
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