How To Get More Free 1080p HD Movies Link On Elysium Addon (Kodi Tips)

Elysium (Fork of Zen addon) is a best video kodi add-on to watch Movies and Tv Shows with many interesting features. This addon is allows Trakt to manager your favorite movies/tvshows, Real debrid (a paid service) to help you watch tons of movies/tvshows with highest quality from premium links. But if you want watch free HD movies with hundreds streaming links, you can use Alluc to make this.
This is a favorite movie of myself, after added a TMDb API Key in Elysium addon to make it working, then continue add a free Alluc account on it. I can watch this movie with hundreds 1080p links and HD links (Total items: 167)


Alluc is a free service (at this time) that help you watch hundreds HD movies links on Elysium addon (or other movies kodi addon that allow Alluc). Now follow all steps below to know how to sign up a free Alluc account and how to setup this Alluc account in Elysium...

1. How To Create A Free Alluc Account
...1. Visit register Alluc website at address: https://accounts.alluc.ee/register.html

...2. Then sign up a free account, type acc and pass that you want, then click Register to sign up. A email from alluc service will send to your email, go to your email and click that link to confirm.

...3. After confirm email, it'll automatic redirect to alluc profile and show for you
Alluc api such as: 68a448873e6ffc0bf977dbe7f4299fba
Alluc account: is account name that you was sign up, ex: www.kodiboss.com
Alluc password: is password that you was use to sign up, ex: kodiboss.com
This is all information that you will use to add on Elysium addon.

2. How To Setup This Alluc Account In Elysium
...1. Open Kodi, open Elysium, then select Tools
...2. Continue select SETTINGS: Accounts
...3. In the left of Settings - Elysium box, click Accounts & Providers, then Enable Alluc Sources as this pic

...4. Then type your Alluc username and password in there, click OK to confirm.
Remember: to make Elysium addon working, you must type your own TMDb API Key on Elysium. Read here to know 'How to creat your own TMDb API Key'
...5. Done. Go back to home Elysium screen, then select any Movies/Tvshows that you want to enjoy....a huge list with hundreds 1080p quality are available...in Elysium.

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