What's Real Debrid - How To Setup Real Debrid On Kodi 17.3-17.6 (Kodi Tips)

Kodi is a perfect platform to watch Movies TV Shows and more Entertainment contents from around the world. Kodi community has millions user, thousand application developer that created alot of great Kodi Add-ons to help us can watch anything contents that we want...on Kodi. In addition, there are many utilities and services outside that help us enjoy many favorite programs with great quality. Real Debrid service is one of them...So, what's real debrid ?


Real Debrid is a premium service that through it you can watch Movies or TV Shows with high quality such as HD/1080p and smooth from many premium links, limiting delays, lagg, buffering when watching movies/tvshow. At present, most popular kodi add-ons supported for real debrid...

Real Debrid is a paid service, but it also allows you to use with a trial account. But the price of this service is not too expensive, if possible you should buy a service pack with cost ~18$ per 6month...

Steps to sign up a real debrid account
  • Go to Real debrid website at Here
  • Then click on 'Sign up' button and enter your details
  • Go to your email and Wait for a confirmation email from this service.
  • An email from real debrid service will send to your email. Click to confirm your Real Debrid account and log into the Real Debrid website.
  • A security code will send to your email. Use that security code to complete your Real Debrid registration.
  • Finally, select any premium Real Debrid subscription that suits your need the most.
  • Now go to next steps to know about how to setup Real Debrid on Kodi!


...1. Open Kodi, then click System icon
...2. Then select System settings
...3. Scroll to bottom then click " Basic " as this pic ( to change it to Advanced )
...4. Click on Basic more time, ultil it say ' Advanced ' as this pic
...5. Then select the line " Add-ons "
...6. Then select the line " Manage dependencies ", click on it
...7. Scroll down to find and select " URLResolver "
...8. Now, click on button " Configure "
...9. A Settings - URLResolver box open, click on the line " Universal Resolvers "
...10. At right bar, scroll down to find Real-Debrid settings, click on " Priority "
...11. A Numeric pad open, change Priority from 100 to " 90 " and click " Done " to confirm
...12. Then click " OK " as this pic to confirm all changes
...13. Now, continue click on Configure
 ...14. Then select Universal Resolver, then scroll down to Real-Debrid settings...
and click on " (Re)Authorize My Account "
...15. Wait few second, you will see a popup asking you to go to the Real Debrid website showing you a code. Open a web-browser on your device (Phone/Computer or anything ) and go to https://real-debrid.com/device (you must be logged into Real Debrid for this to work) and enter the code and select Continue
 ...15. A notification from URLResolver say that your account is authorised Real Debrid is now setup " Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized "

Done.! we are finished all steps that help you setup your real debrid account on Kodi. From now, when you want enjoy any favorite movies or tvshows from any Working Kodi Add-ons that supported for RD then you will see many premium links from Real Debrid service that available in there.

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