ResolverURL Kodi Dependency: What is it & How To Setup ResolverURL

Do you known that most of current working video kodi addons are using ResolverURL plugin. So what is it ?...and How to setup ResolverURL. Read our guide today to learn all information about this kodi dependency.

Recently, when you using some popular kodi video addons such as Placenta, Vortex, Death Streams, Nemesis... to watching the favorite movies or tv shows, maybe you'll see a popup notification that says that there is a problem with URLresolver. So why do you see this error notification? Because these kodi addons was updated codes to using a new dependency resolver called ResolverURL that decodes stream links from popular file locker hosts, allowing Kodi to play media from these sites...

To answer for the question "what is resolverURL?". The first i want talking a bit about "URLresolver". If you are often using kodi to enjoy movies or tv shows then you may have heard many times about "URLresolver dependency". This is a URL resolver (a dependency works in the background of Kodi) to decodes links from popular file locker hosts such as Gvideo, Clicknupload, dizilab, zshare, etc..The URLresolver knows how to navigate through these streaming hosts., bypass captcha's and virtually retrieving the streaming file to help you play movies on kodi from these sites.

What's ResolverURL:

ResolverURL is new Fork of URLresolver. This dependency is developed and maintained by jsergio123, who is one of the best Kodi python code distributors at this time. Currently, many working kodi video addons out there are updating the source code to use resolverURL dependency, this is some addons are working with new resolverURL:

Note: We will often update new list kodi addons using resolverURL. If you are using any addons from this list and see the error check log for more information, please update your addon to newest version...
  • Vortex
  • The Pyramid
  • Neptune Rising
  • Nemesis
  • Death Streams
  • Placenta
  • Subzero MMA
  • DreamzBeats
  • Maverick TV
  • ..and continue updating

How To Install ResolverURL On Kodi?
This is the work of addon developer. If they want using resolverURL then they will update new codes. So you dont need worry about problem "how to install resolverURL on your kodi"

How To Setup resolverURL Kodi Dependency:

When an addon updated codes to begin working with new ResolverURL dependency, you'll get a popup notifications that says "there is a problems with URLresolver". So, you MUST CLICK the "Ignore button"

Like URLresolver, you will also need to reauthorize your Real-Debrid or other premium accounts to working with resolverURL. You can config settings by do the following all steps below:
  • Open Kodi
  • Select System
  • Select System settings (select Standard)
  • Select Add-ons
  • Select Managa Dependencies
  • Click on Configure button
  • Select Universal Resolvers
  • ...
You can go to this post to learn more about "How to setup real debrid on kodi"

ResolverURL features:
Information about the recent changes to the dependency of the latest version resolverURL v5.0.05
Code Base Changes:
  • Fixes for Xbox One
  • Fix for SSL Context
  • Fixes for Python > 2.7.12
Languages Updated/Added
  • Norweigan
  • Croatian
  • Greek
  • Italian
Resolvers Added:
  • vidnode
Resolvers Updated/Fixed
  • thevid
  • speedplay
  • rapidvideocom
  • uptobox
  • streamplay
  • alldebrid
  • alldebrid
  • speedvid
  • tunepk
  • vidzella
Resolvers Removed
  • nosvideo
  • stagevu
  • divxstage
  • cloudtime

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