What Is Kodi? Learn Everything About Kodi

What Is Kodi? Everything You Need to Know...

Kodi (or XBMC) is a Free Open Source Media Player that can running on many hardware platforms such as Desktop computer/Laptop (window OS or Mac OS), Android phone, Android TV, Android TV Box,  Smart TV, Amazon Fire Tv/Stick, X-box, etc...

XBMC (or Xbox Media Center)  is originally name of Kodi, it has been constantly updated with more new versions ( i can show you few names like as Kodi 16 Jarvis, Kodi 17 Krypton or Kodi 18 Leia, the most stable version is Kodi 18.2...). And Kodi is developed & supported by XBMC Foundation

KODI by itself is just a multimedia player, if it has just been installed then it is no different from software like Windows Media Player, GOMPlayer, Media Classic, VLC ... Only when you find and install best kodi add-ons into Kodi then Kodi is show all its power with alots of functionality...

For example: when you install a video addon it will play movies and TV shows, a sport addon it will help watch live stream sport events or watch replays sport games or a live iptv kodi addon will show you alots of popular iptv channels from around the world, while a music addon will stream music etc... All is Free with Kodi

Kodi is a open source media platform, with Kodi you can watch tons of media contents from Movies, Tv shows, To Sports, Live TV, Documentaries, Music etc...

So, we have give a bit of information about Kodi to answer for your question "What is kodi or what is xbmc". To continue learn and explore about the kodi world, checkout more information "Everything You Need To Known about Kodi" below:

How Can I Use Kodi?
To use Kodi, you must install Kodi on your devices. Currently, Kodi is working on most of operating systems includes: Mac OS X, Windows, Android, IOS & Linux. So, if you have any devices that using these OS, you can install Kodi onto devices to use. This mean you can install Kodi onto computers or laptops, smart phones, smart TVs like as Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, X-Box or PS4 and other media streaming devices.

The installing Kodi on Windows, Laptop or smart phones is so easy. So we have created a page that show you How to install Kodi on Fire TV / Stick. You can visit to that page to read & follow install guide step by step...

What Is A Kodi Addon?
KODI by itself is just a multimedia player, a Kodi Add-ons as a small application that extends the functionality of Kodi software to help you watch tons of media contents like as Movies, Tv Shows, Sports, Live TV, Music etc...

There are 2 types of Kodi add-ons. Official Kodi add-ons that you can install via official kodi repositories, and thirt party Kodi Add-ons. Kodi became famous because there are so many great 3rd party Kodi Add-ons. Through it you can access to free movies, television shows, live TV, live sports or PPV events...

To make your Kodi is an online streaming beast. You'll need some best kodi add-ons, but Kodi add-ons are always changing, updating & being created. So we have created a page that show all of Best Kodi Addons currently. This page is regularly updated daily to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.

What Is A Kodi Repository
A Kodi repo or "Kodi Repository" is like as a bucket which contains multiple Kodi add-ons that are split up into separate categories. Like as Android we have Google Play to store APKs, IOS we have Itunes to store IPAs & with Kodi we have Kodi repository to store Kodi Add-ons. By install Kodi addons via Kodi repository, add-ons are continually updated once a newer or better version has been released.

Kodi add-ons or Kodi Repositories are also installed like individual add-ons, through a .Zip file. KodiBoss has created a page that show you most of the Best Kodi Repositories , provides newest URL address of most kodi repositories currently & .Zip file to download.

What Is A Kodi Build
Instead of searching and installing each Kodi Add-on for Kodi. You can install all of popular kodi add-ons with only few clicks via a Kodi Build.

Using a Kodi build is the easy way to use Kodi to stream and download content in a quick and sufficient manner. You will be able to get movies, shows and all viewing items you might need in one location without the hassle of diving through all Kodi add-ons. We are also have some best kodi builds want suggest for you. Check out at Here. I'm also suggest trying a few of them to see which one you like the best!

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