How To Install One Nation Kodi Builds

One Nation Builds Kodi  with Over 130+ best kodi builds available for 18 leia & 17 krypton
Our guide today will provide all steps & information that help you learn about How to install One Nation Kodi Builds

From OneNation team supply some of the most complete set of builds for installation that we says "One Nation Kodi Builds". Currently, One Nation builds available are: Nebula, Slamious 18, Cobalt, The Incredibles, Cosmic Evolution, BlueMagic, Irusu, Max'd Mario and much more...You can chooses any build from there to install is based completely on personal preference.

List Kodi Builds That OneNation Portal support to install:
Kodi 18 Leia Build:
  • Cobalt
  • Irusu
  • Nebula
  • Meganation
  • The Incredibles
  • Toy Story
  • Max'd Mario - For Kids
  • Cosmic Evolution
  • Rampage
  • Dre's Fallen
  • Slamious 18
  • Franks 18 by Frank
  • Franks 2
  • Madflix 2 by Frank
  • Xtasy D
  • BlueMagic
  • DoomzDay - Kiss My Ass
  • DoomzDay - Ancient Egypt
  • DoomzDay - The Mythical Beast
  • The Batman Build
  • Gothic
  • God of War Build
  • Diablo
  • And Chill V2.0
  • Lightning Build
  • Need For Speed 18
  • The Grinch Build
  • Wolf Build
  • Christmas Gif Build 18
  • Aladdin Build
  • Betty Boop Build
  • Spider-Man Gif
  • Dr Who Theme Only
  • ...

Kodi 17 Krypton Build
  • Cobalt
  • Nebula
  • Meganation
  • Cosmic Evolution
  • Max'd Mario- Kids
  • D's Build
  • D's White Build
  • Kashyyyk
  • Lobo Black Out
  • Lobo Build
  • Rampage
  • Dre4ever We are Negan
  • Dre4everLite Build/Dark-Art/Dragonborn
  • rAven
  • Skotadi
  • Rabs Blue
  • Xtasy D - The BIg One
  • Kodi World
  • Franks Build
  • Madflix
  • Judge Dredd
  • Unhinged BUild
  • Cybergirl Build
  • Retro Wave Build
  • Wolverine
  • Miami Hurricanes by G v4.0.6
  • Tomb Raider Build
  • Thrones Build
  • Batman build
  • The Joker Build
  • Marvel Infinity Build
  • Super Kids
  • Kiddo by British Barley
  • Michael Jackson Build
  • and More...
In this tutorial, i will using OneNation Nebula kodi 18 leia build to make example. Because it has features an easy to use interface with helpful categories includes: Movies - Tv Shows - All In One - Sports - 4K/UHD, Paid Subs, Documentaries, Music, Portal, Add-on Hub, Favourites, System, Power. You can finded almost popular kodi add-ons currently with in Nebula OneNation build, ex: Magic Dragon, Destiny of Deathstar, Venom, Fen, Mercury, Seren, Deceit, Exodus Redux (Best Exodus Alternatives 2019), TempTV, WrestleManic, Sdevil, Joker Sport, ORK, Now Music USA, etc...

OVERVIEW: Nebula Kodi 18 Build From OneNation Portal


1. Open Kodi & click Systems icon

2. Continue select File manager

3. Scroll down and double click on Add source

4. Click <None>

5. Now, you need type exactly this url: http://www.onenation.info on media locations box, then click OK to confirm this address

6. Give a name for this media source, type OneNation or any name that you want. Then continue click OK to confirm

7. Go back to home kodi screen, select the line Add-ons

8. In the top left bar, click on Box icon (browser add-ons)

9. Select Install from zip file

10. Scroll down to find the line One.Nation and click on it

11. And select Portal

11.1 Continue select plugin.program.onenationportal-1.1.3.zip or higher

12. Wait few minutes to see the notifications "OneNation Portal Add-on installed", go to next steps

13. Go back to Home kodi screen, select Add-ons

14. Continue click the line Program add-ons > select One Nation Portal

15. And continue select (OneNation Portal) Builds

16. You will see a big list with many best kodi 18 leia build, select any kodi build that you want to install. In this example, i chooses [18.1] Nebula Leia Build to install, click on it

17. Click (OneNation Portal) Fresh Install

18. A popup from OneNation-Portal will open, click Continue button

19. OneNation-Portal - Warning popup will continue open, click Yes, Install button

20. Now, this build have downloaded on your kodi, click Force Close button

21. After closing. Re-open your kodi to see your build installed!
In the first time setup, this build will asked if you would like to authorize a Trakt.tv account within the build. If you have a trakt account, I suggest integrating your account within One Nation.

Done. We have finished instruction, in this tutorial you have known about the latest repository url to install One Nation kodi build for your kodi. If you want install any other kodi build from OneNation Portal, KodiBoss suggests resetting Kodi to default settings prior to installing any build for best results, visit here to learn about How to reset kodi to factory settings

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