How To Use Trakt With Elementum Kodi Addon

Trakt for Elementum kodi addon
How to use Trakt with Elementum addon and Kodi
Hello everybody, welcome back to our kodi tutorial blog KodiBoss.com. Today we will continue learn about How to Use Trakt.tv with Elementum Kodi Addon. If this is first time you are visit to our blog and don't know about what's elementum addon, pls read install guide for Elementum addon

In this tutorial, we will show you:
  • Quick Intro to Trakt
  • How To Authorize Elementum with Trakt
  • How to use Trakt with Elementum
  • How To Adding items to Trakt using Elementum
  • How To Import Trakt to the library using Elementum

#1. What's Trakt.tv?
Trakt.tv is a free service that lets you organize your favorite TV shows and movies, it helps you to keep track of the things you’re watching on TV. Trakt integrates with a lot of popular media center software and you can use it from a smart phone or browser. We are going to focus on two specific Trakt features: Collection and Lists.

• The Collection: it’s similar to the library on Kodi, here you’ll add your favorite shows and movies.
  1. To view your collection select Collection from the Profile Menu on the top-right corner.
  2. Use the Filter to select Shows or Movies.
  3. You can Sort the results by Title or Date.

• Lists: You can create your own custom lists here, Trakt comes with a default Watchlist you can use to add all movies and shows you’d like to check out.
  1. To view your lists select Lists from the Profile Menu on the top-right corner.
  2. Add new lists using the Add Lists button.

To add a show to your collection by using Trakt.tv, select “TV” from the Top Menu and click on the green book button that located under the image of your preferred show.
  • Use the buttons under each Show to Addon(1) to Collection, Mark as watched or Add to a List.
  • You also can search for specific movies or tv shows by using the Search Box(2) on the top-left corner.
  • Click on Trending or Popular(3) to explore new shows.

You need know that the watchlist is a temporary list, it will automatically removed once they are marked as watched. But, the Collection & custom Lists are persistent. 

If you till never using Trakt, let try added few shows or movies to your collection and check out othe features from Trakt.tv . Once you are ready, we will switch back to Elementum on Kodi

#2. How To Authorize Elementum with Trakt?
To authorize Elementum to use your Trakt account, follow our steps below:

1. Open the Context menu of Elementum and select Settings (press C or long-click on Elementum to open context menu, or long-press on touch devices)

2. In Settings-Elementum window popup, select Trakt & continue click Authorize Elementum

3. A box Autorize Elementum will popup and show you an authorization code like that xxxxxxx, write it down to a file txt, but you don't press the button

4. Use any web browser then go to https://trakt.tv/activate/, enter the code xxxxxx (in step-3) in box and press Continue. (You must be logged in to your trakt account.)

5. Now, you need press Yes to allow Elementum to use your Trakt account. Wait few seconds you will see a notification from Trakt. Woohoo! Your device is now connected and will automatically refresh in a few seconds.

6. Come back with your Kodi, and click OK button.

7. Wait few seconds, you’ll see a notification and your Trakt user name should appear next to Username. Press OK to continue.

So, you have finised all steps to authorize Elementum with Trakt. Now, we will continue learn about How to use Trakt with Elementum

#3. How to use Trakt with Elementum
After authorizing Trakt for Elementum. A new categories will enabled on Elementum's Movies and Tv Shows menu, use them to get access to your Collections, Watchlist or custum lists in kodi

8. Open Elementum addon, then select TV Shows or Movies menu

9. You will see subs menu My Collecion, My List, My Watchlist and Calendars will available in there. Using it to get access to Trakt

Calendars sub-menu will help view upcomming episodes of your favorites shows. It like as an automatic bookmarks list based on what you've watched. 

#4. How To Adding items to Trakt using Elementum
If you are watching a favorie Shows or Movies on Elementum and want add it to Trakt, long-click on this Show to open Context Menu. Then select Add to collection or Add to watchlist

#5. How To Import Trakt to the library using Elementum
Do you know that Elementum addon can use your Trakt Collections, Watchlist or custum list to populate the library. Items on your library will apear under the TV Shows or Movies tab on the Home Screeen. Check out Library Integration with Elementum kodi addon if you want Elementum to use the library

1. Open Context menu of Elementum then select Settings

2. Scroll down to select Trakt tab, then enabled Use Trakt information if available & Scrobble

3. Continue scroll down to find the Synchronization section and select which components of Trakt to sync with library. You can sync your library with the collection, watchlist , user lists.

4. Click Update Trakt to import items from your Trakt to the library.

5. Wait few seconds for this process finished. Click Yes button to refresh the library.

Note: You can only sync all the items in all your custom lists, there's no ways to choose a specific list currently.

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