RTMP Input Stream: Install & Enable Guide

Hey guys, nice to meet you. Today we will learn everythings about RTMP Input Stream. What's RTMP? Why do you must enable RTMP Input when streaming live TV on kodi? Why did you not see RTMP Input on your kodi & How to install RTMP Input on kodi? Hope this instruction will help you abit to answer for your's question about RTMP input.

Install-Enable RTMP Input Stream on kodi
So what's RTMP Input?
RTMP is stands of Real Time Messaging Protocol, it's a live streaming support protocol that is using by many live TV streaming sources. It's provides for high performance transmission of Video, Audio and Data from an encoder to the server which distributes the signal across the internet.

Why do you need enable RTMP Input when live streaming? 
Because RTMP Input is a live streaming support protocol that is using by many live TV streaming sources. When you enable RTMP input feature, it will automatically adjust which bitrate each viewer sees depending on that person's internet connection speed. It will help you reduces the required bandwidth you need in order to stream. Which mean it will provides the best possible experience when live stream, minimized buffering problems.

I don't see RTMP Input on my kodi, how to fix it?
RTMP input is a feature that only available on kodi version 17 or higher. When you install Kodi on your devices, rtmp input will available on kodi & ready to use. You only need enable this feature to using. But for some reason (we’re not sure why) you're not see RTMP input in your kodi then you must install it.

How to enable RTMP Input on kodi

1. Launch your Kodi, from home kodi screen, click Add-ons

2. Continue click on My add-ons

3. Scroll down to find & click on VideoPlayer InputStream

4. Now, click on RTMP Input

5. Click Enable button

6. Do the same with InputStream Adaptive

How to install RTMP Input (InputStream.rtmp-x.x.x.zip) on kodi

First of all, you need download the zip file of Inputstream.rtmp-x.x.x.zip:
  • inputstream.rtmp-1.0.4.zip at HERE
  • inputstream.rtmp-2.0.2.zip at HERE
Then saved this zip file to any place on your devices, that you can finded it easy. Then follow steps below:
  • Open your Kodi
  • Click Add-ons
  • Select Add-ons browser (box-icons) in the top-left corner
  • Click Install from zip file
  • Locate the installation file downloaded earlier and click on inputstream.rtmp-x.x.x.zip
  • Wait few seconds for rtmp input module installed on your kodi.
  • Done!

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