Our Best Kodi Addons Trending List (2020 & Often Update)

Kodi is a perfect media player to watch anythings that you want, from Movies, TV Shows to Live TV, Live Sports or Music etc... The Kodi community with many great developers are working to give to us many many good and excellent kodi add-ons daily. So, KodiBoss have created the Trending Kodi Addons page to list most of working & best kodi add-ons currently. This page will often update to remove non-working kodi addons & add new kodi add-ons that working well...

top best working kodi addons 2019
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List Best Kodi Addons Suggest To Uses January 2020:



The Laplaza addon is a Fork of the popular video addon Placenta. This is a new kodi addon to watch movies & tv shows from Cy4root team. It's new but working so well & pull in many great links.  Also, you can using this addon to watch many other media contents like as Kids, Docs, Fitness, Music, Radio and much more...Read more reviews & Laplaza kodi addon install guide

1.1...Scrubs V2
Forked from Covenant, Scrubs V2 addon is often update by developer to make it working so well so far. Sections includes Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, IMDB, TMDB, Sky Channels, More Stuff, Search Em, and much more...Recently, it has updated to new version and and pulling in many links...check out Scrubs V2 addon install guide

The Seren Kodi Addon is an addon for watch Movies & Shows with alots of great features. This addon required a premium account like as Real Debrid or Premiumize to use. For more info, latest update, features & how to using Seren. Check out full setup guide for Seren addon

1.3...Exodus Redux:
Exodus Redux is a pretty FORK of the popular Exodus addon. This addon is often update by developer (IAC) to make it working well so far. Currently, it use the Open Scrapers plugin to finding links from internet and pulling in video links with quality so good. So, if you are looking for some good addons to watch movies or tv shows on kodi, i will suggest you to using this addon. For read full reviews & install guide, pls check out How to install Exodus Redux step by step.

Elementum is a great Fork of Quasar addon. it uses BitTorrent, a P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing protocol to stream movies & Tv Shows in great video quality. This is an awesome addon to watch New Movies & New Episodes. If you are using other Kodi Add-ons to finding the favorites movies & shows for watching but it not show any result. Let try with Elementum, check out How to install Elementum addon

Venom is a video addon that located in official Venom repository. it allows us to watch movies & shows from several websites. It's also a Fork of Exodus addon but has many features like library integration, Trakt.tv support, premium accounts and more. While using this addon to watch movies without Real debrid account, i seen it working so well for me, pull many links for choices, read How to install Venom addon.

1.6...Maverick TV (update September 10th, 2019)
The Maverick addon is a popular kodi video addon that allow you to watch a huge amount of contents including Movies, 4K UHD Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, Docs, Kids, Music, Radio and much more...This addon has offline in July 26th, 2019 & just back few days ago, from Sep 10th 2019. Currently, it's working so well. Check out how to install maverick addon for kodi 18

1.7...Tubi TV
Tubi TV addon with many sections includes Most Popular, Tv Shows, New Releases, Action, Comedies, Reality TV, Drama, Leaving Soon, Recently Added, Not on netflix, Stand up, Search and more...It's a fast addon & working very well to help you watch lots of contents with one-click to play a stream. You can finded Tubi TV from Jewrepo repository or read this instruction How to install Tubi TV

1.8...The Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon is a new name of the popular video addon The Pyramid, it has many sections includes Movies & TvShows, Catch up Tv, People watching, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, TV/Entertainment, Radio, Music and more...It can gives you multiple links to choose including Real Debrid & Openload paring which is separate from the standard links. You can finded Magic Dragon addon from new Supremacy repository or read our guide How to install The Magic Dragon add-on.

Tempest is not a best addon, but it's a good video addon to watch movies & shows currently. Recently, it has received a new update & can show you hundreds of links. You can finded Tempest from Tempest repository or check out guide How to install Tempest addon

The Fen addon is a brand new video kodi addon for watch movies & shows, this is a new Exodus Fork, which is a multi-source Kodi addon that combines providers and resolvers to give you links to specific media queries. Read our guide, review & tips for Fen kodi addon

The Gaia Kodi addon is a fork of one of the very popular Bubbles addon. It offer you to watch movies & shows from multi sources. Few days ago, this addon have been updated to new version v5.0 & great working currently. Gaia addon is full integration with Real-Debrid and Premiumize premium services, so you can finded alots of great premium links for watching the favorites movies or shows. Read full guide Gaia kodi addon review & install guide

1.12...Destiny of Deathstar
The Destiny of Deathstar addon is an all-in-one kodi addon, This addon is the fusion of two very famous Kodi Addons "Destiny" & "Deathstar". So it can allows you to watch tons of media contents including Movies, TVShows & much more...Read full review, guide install Destiny of Deathstar addon

Want more...Check out other good & working video kodi addons below:

To watch Live TV on kodi, you can use M3u Playlist URL then added these list to PVR client on kodi or using our list top live iptv kodi addons. Remember always use a VPN to protech your identity & bypasses government surveillance, geo-blocked content when using these Live TV kodi add-ons below:

2.0...The Crew
The Crew addon is an AIO kodi addon from team Crew. This is a new kodi addon in 2019 but working so well. You can using The Crew kodi for watch Live IPTV (with many US, UK TV channels and some other countries...). Main category including Movies, TV shows, Kids, Sports, IPTV, Fitness, 1 Clicks, Standup Comedy, Tools...read The Crew kodi addon install guide

2.1...Wolf addon
Wolf is a brand new World live tv addon for kodi that located in Wolf Repository or Vikings repo, It has many tv sections like as Portugal, Arena Vision, International, Diversos, Infantil. You can finded USA & UK channels under the International section. Read reviews & full guide about How to install Wolf IPTV kodi addon

2.2...Sdevil addon
Sdevil addon is a new Live TV & Live Sport Kodi Addon from Alliance team. Based on Sportsdevil addon source code but have updated new code and fixed many tv channels & sport sections non-working to give us a working live sport addon. You can using this addon for watch live sport & many live tv channels from US, UK, etc... How to install Sdevil addon

2.3...Robin Hood TV
Robin Hood TV is also an International Kodi IPTV add-on with main tv sections for Live TV for Balkan & Live TV for World. The Live TV World section has alots of live streams from all over the world includes UK & USA...read our guide How to install Robin Hood TV addon

2.4...TV One
The TV One addon allows to watch a huge of live tv channels that listed via sections include Sports, USA & UK, Movies, Music, News, Docs, Religious, Food and much more...The current working version of TV one is TVone1111, check out our guide How to install Tv One addon

2.5...Phoenix Reborn Free TV
Phoenix reborn is an international IPTV addon for kodi that offers to watch a huge amount tv channels from UK, USA & many different countries like as Germany, Italy, Polish etc...It's a working IPTV Kodi Add-on that you should try at this time. Learn about How to install Phoenix Reborn Free TV addon

2.6...Sportowa TV
Sportowa TV addon is a free IPTV kodi addon that focus all about Sports. You can using this addon to watch most of major live sport on the world. The main categories of this addon are:
  • Sport365 Live
  • LiveLooker
  • LiveTV.sx
  • TVP Sport
  • Crickfree
  • Strims World
  • Live Channels
If you want full details, check out page How to install Sportowa TV addon

Zeus Live TV is offer you to watch free tv channels with multi language. It has many sections for almost of televison channels on the world includes TV International, Brazil, Portugal and TV Desporto, TV Eleven Sport, and more. Read How to install Zeus Live TV addon

2.8...Selfless Live
Self Less Live addon is located in Ghost Repo. It has many IPTV section with Each section is its own standalone live streaming source all in one place includes IPTV SVR 1 (Net.tv), SVR 2 (Mobdro), SVR 3 (Swiftstreamz-1), SVR 4, SVR.5 (TV Tap), SVR.6 (Redbox TV), SVR 7 (USA News). Read tutorial guide for How to install Selfless Live addon

cCloud TV is a working live TV addon kodi that steadily updated. It has running in a long time & working well so far. It allows you to watch over 1000+ tv channels from around the world that listed via categories includes English, Top 10, Sports, News, All channels, Docs, Entertainments, Family, Cooking, Fishing and much more...You can finded step by step install guide for cCloud at Here

WolfPack is an All-in-One Kodi addon that located in WhereTheMonstersLive Repository. It give us many tv channels from US & UK, also you can finded many popular tv channels from different countries in World Channels section. Checkout my guide How to install Wolf Pack addon

If you're a sport fans & are looking the best kodi add-ons 2019 for watch sports or live sports on kodi. I can tell you few name like as Rising Tides, Destiny, The Endzone, The Loop, Modus Operandi , Sportowa TV etc...

We have created a page that only focus about working sports kodi addons, you can visit to that page to get more details & update

UFC is a major sport game that there are millions guys from US, UK & all over the world loving. If you're a UFC's fans & are looking for some working UFC kodi add-ons currently. Planet MMA addon is good choise for watch live UFC on kodi. But it's only one in our top 10 best kodi addons for watch UFC on kodi.

Totally is a Music addon that located in Supremacy Repository, it pull the streams in from Youtube so there is no buffering. The main music sections includes That's What i call Music, UK & US music, Various albums & All Music.

Muzic is also a Music kodi addon that pull stream links from Youtube with a well laid out menu. You can listen or watching the favorite songs/clips with only 1-Click to play. The sections includes Music Concerts - Live Stream Radio - Singles, Songs, Hits - Genre Listing, Music: Songs, Anthems, Docs - Documentaries, Kids Music, Musicals and Plays, Tv Shows Song Playlist and much more...You can install Muzic addon from Butter Fingers Repo

5.3...Now Music USA
Now Music USA is a kodi addon for all about Music. It have a huge amount of music collection & most any type of music from Classic Rock, to Country and party hits. Recently it has expanded and includes Latino music...You can finded NowMusic USA from MaverickTV Repo

5.4...KNE Rock
KNE Rock is allows you to watch full concerts from different musical bands & shows videos for top Rock Videos. It has many music sections includes Best Full Concerts, Classic Rock, Pop Hits, Rock Videos, Hard Rock, Alternative and much more...You can finded this kodi music addon from Kodi Neu Erleben Repository

FDJ is also a pretty music addon that located in Kodi Neu Erleben Repo. It offers you to listening different variations of music via main sections IDM, Techno, Trance, Rap and so much else...

Kodi uses add-ons to provide weather information. You can select from various global and regional weather add-ons and customize various location options. The list below are official kodi addons for weather:
  • Yahoo! Weather
  • Gismeteo
  • Met Office
  • Weather China
  • Weatherbit IO
  • Open Weather Map Extended
  • Oz Weather
To install these weather kodi add-ons you can follow all steps below:
  • Open Kodi
  • Click Add-ons
  • Click Download
  • Scroll down to find & select Weather line
  • Select any weather addon that you want to install

The trending kodi addons list with top 60 popular kodi addons that there are many users are using & looking for today:
Venom (18.8%) The USS Defiant (13.3%) Delta Quadrant One Click (9.5%) Locutus (7.8%) Descent (6.0%) Gaia (5.0%) Laplaza (4.5%) Jen of Debrid (4.2%) Exodus Redux (2.6%) Smaug (2.6%) Uranus (2.3%) Trek (2.1%) Bumblebee (1.7%) Limitless (1.6%) Chucky Video (1.3%) Mirror V2 Video (1.3%) Kratos Reborn (1.2%) Borg (1.1%) Fen (0.9%) Beta Quadrant IPTV (0.9%) Alpha Quadrant Sports (0.8%) The Magic Dragon (0.7%) Sportowa TV (0.5%) Seren (0.5%) Joker 2.0 (0.4%) Rising Tides (0.4%) TempTV (0.4%) Scrubs V2 (0.4%) Destiny Of DeathStar (0.3%) Nemesis AIO (0.3%) UK Turk (0.3%) Leviathan (0.3%) Sparkle (0.3%) Fractured (0.3%) Mercury (0.3%) 7 of 9 (0.3%) Sport365 (0.3%) IT (0.2%) Fladnag (0.2%) M.E.T.V. (0.2%) Cryptic (0.2%) Robin Hood TV (0.2%) MTB's Grease Lightning (0.2%) White Devil Streams (0.2%) cCloud TV (0.2%) DejaVu (0.2%) Zeus (0.2%) T2K 1-Click Movie (0.2%) Stafano Thegroove 360 (0.2%) Ghost (0.2%)

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