Seren Kodi Addon Review, Info, Install Guide & Updates


Why am i added the Seren kodi addon in the list best video kodi addons 2020. Read our guide today to learn about What is Seren add-on?...Seren kodi addon review, info & features, new update, Seren's latest version & How to install Seren addon on kodi 18 Leia, 17 Krypton...

What is Seren?
From Nixgates, the developer who was created Incursion addon (a Fork of Covenant). After being unhappy with constantly having to edit code within Incursion. Him has started on the new project to created an ambitious addon for watch Movies & Tv Shows with the name Seren. 

Seren is a video kodi addon that has been coded from the ground up. The Seren's source code is not based on any addons from the list working kodi addons. It has a very simple interface with sections including: 
  • Discover Movies (with many sub sections inside)
  • Discover TV Shows (with many sub sections inside)
  • Search...
  • Tools

Seren Kodi Latest Version
A new version of Seren has been updated few days ago by Nixgates. And the current version of addon Seren is v2.0 in September 2020. So, if you have installed this addon on your kodi, let checking status update & give it to latest version. The recent change log is as follows:

Changes log in v2.0

  • Updated AllDebrid to the new API
  • Fixed AllDebrid magnet files
  • Adjusted Trakt status codes
  • Removed old settings
  • Fixed provider not showing due to theme changes

Changes log in v1.6.2
  • Fixed Trakt database rebuild issues
  • Fix playback for RD items in My Files
  • Fix Trakt Sync Database not upgrading correctly
  • Fixed Trakt missing items
  • Fixed double database rebuilding
  • Fixed AllDebrid movie resolving
Changes log in v1.6.0
  • Next Up menu now generated completely locally using DB query
  • Added All-Debrid Support
  • Premiumize now uses O-Auth (re-auth is required)
  • Complete re-work of the standard playlist building (removes building playlist window for standard playback)
  • Re-work of My Files module to reduce spaghetti
  • Re-work of resolver module to reduce spaghetti
  • New Custom Windows Still Watching/Play Next
  • Added update support for Seren Themes
  • Removed support for UpNext addon
  • Lists are now synced to the trakt database
  • More work on player.py module, better bookmark identification and playback marking
  • Re-work Trakt Manager to be more context sensitive
  • Added ability to paginate Trakt lists
  • Added some more shortcuts to the search menu
  • Show information is confirmed with IMDB prior to scrape
  • Date and time in custom windows now displays in regional format
  • Added fallbacks for shows meta gathering in Trakt DB
  • Source filtering improvements to reduce meta loss
  • Set a timeout for Fanart.tv calls (reduces slow downs at cost of artwork)
  • Re-worked intial trakt sync and removed dialog box
  • Complete overhaul of the bookmark system
  • Fixed torrent semaphore not being released
  • Playback parameters are now applied to further episodes
  • Implement new listall endpoint for Premiumize cloud scraping (decreased scrape times)
  • More minor bugfixes (honestly could not list them all)
  • Some Greek translations added
  • Some German translations added
Changes log in v1.4.7
  • Fixed hundreds of other bug and optimizations
  • Increase speed in TMDb module by threading more network requests
  • Enable Kodi Menu caching on search results
  • Fixed Premiumize visibility equations
  • Real Debrid/ Premiumize are required to use. This mean if you have not any these premium account, you can not using Seren. 
  • Fixed Background Scraping Display style
  • Changes new Seren's icon
  • MASSIVE speed increase to syncing with Trakt
  • The custom windows have been rebuilt
  • Change to the way URL's are built for Seren
  • The issues with Apple devices have been fixed
  • The local Torrent Database got a re-work.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Providers refresh not honoring disabled status
  • Or visit full seren change log to read full list of bug fixes, changes & new features 

Seren Kodi Features
  • Maximum compatiblility for Kodi 18 Leia & 17 Krypton.
  • Scraped information is cached to make the addon quicker. In the first time, when you want play any movies or shows. Seren will scrape and find the best media source to play, the stream links will cached to show in the next times. This mean will help Seren working faster...
  • It has the ability to resume where you left off with a single click on a show. As well, Seren prompts you asking if you would like to continue to the next episode.
  • Full support for premium services like as Real Debrid, Premiumize, etc...
  • Trakt integration, Cached torrents, etc...
  • Next up feature: It will creates a notification showing info about the next episodes available, this is a feature very interesting that very similar to the behavior observed on Netflix app. You can finded setup & install Next Up feature from #5 at bottom

#1. Seren Kodi Addon Install Guide
We are always recommend using a VPN when stream media contents on Kodi via any 3rd party kodi addons. Using a good VPN will help you PROTECT YOURSELF ON THE INTERNET by stops your internet provider from being able to see what you are accessing online & stop any ISP from blocking Kodi by preventing or restricting access. We offer exclusive discounts for two services – IPVanish and NordVPN. Both are respected in the Kodi community & have some great features for users.
Because, it's 3rd party addon that not support by official kodi team. So, if this is your first time installing addons you must configure Kodi to allow the installation of unofficial addons. Check out How to enable Unknown sources on kodi

• Now, open your Kodi
• From the home kodi screen, click System Settings Button 
• Click File manager 
• Then scroll down to select Add source
• A box will popup, select <None>
• In media location box, you need type exactly this url: https://nixgates.github.io/packages & click OK to confirm
• In media source box, give for it a name, ex: Nix & continue click OK to confirm
• Go back to kodi home screen, select the line Add-ons
• Then click Add-ons Browser (box icon) on top left bar
• Now, select Install from zip file
• Find and click the line Nix in your list
• Continue select nixgates.repository.zip (select newest version)
• Wait few seconds, you'll see a notification say that "Nixgates repository Add-on installed", go to next steps
• Now, select Install from repository
• Scroll down to find & select .Nixgates repository from your repositories list
• Select Video-addons
• Find and select Seren
• Click Install button to begin install this addon on your kodi
• Pls patient, this process will spent fews seconds or longer...All process will finished after you see the kodi's notification say that "seren.,.add-on installed".

OK, you have installed succes the Seren kodi addon on your kodi. But right now, this addon is not working without either Real Debrid or Premiumize account. So, if you want using the Seren addon, you must have a premium account Real debrid or Premiumize.

#2. How to setup Real Debrid with Seren.
OK. Now i will using Real Debrid to make example. If you have Premiumize, all steps is similar as. Follow all steps below to setting up Real Debrid with Seren.

2.1...From Home Seren screen, select Tools

2.2...Then continue click Open Settings Menu

2.3...A Settings-Seren box will popup, select the line Accounts in the left bar, then scroll down to find and continue click on the line Enable Real Debrid in the right bar

2.4...Continue scroll down and select Authorize Real Debrid...

2.5...The box Real Debrid Auth will popup and showing for you a CODE like as XXXXXX, copy this code and go to next step.

2.6...Now, you can using any web browser like as Chrome, Firefox, IE from any your devices (PC, Laptop, Smart phones etc...that have similar IP address with the device that you're using Kodi) and go to official website: https://real-debrid.com/device then enter the authorization CODE (that you have copied-xxxxxx) then continue click on Continue button (remember: You must be logged into your Real Debrid account)

You’ll be asked to allow the permissions required by the addon and set a name, just write any the name that you want, you can type Seren. Back in Kodi you’ll see a Real Debrid Authentication is completed dialog, press OK to continue.

2.7...Now, you need Re-open the Settings Menu, select the Scraping tab and set Preferred Cloud Location to Real Debrid. Press OK to confirm.

#3. Install providers for addon Seren
Seren is built to accept individual provider packs. These providers are responsible for getting files from hosting websites and cached torrents. These providers require premium accounts and use normal downloads to get the files (no p2p is used on your device). Currently, there are two popular providers scrapers are a4kScrapers & CivitasScrapers. Now, we will going to install a4kScrapers for Seren.

3.1..From Home Seren screen, select Tools

3.2...Select Open Settings Menu

3.3...In the left bar, click Providers tab & continue active Enable Automatic Provider Updates in the right bar.

3.4...Now, click on Install Provider Package

3.5...Continue select Web Location...

3.6...Type exactly this URL: http://bit.ly/a4kScrapers then click OK to continue.

3.7...Press Install button to download & install a4kScrapers plugin for Seren.

3.8...Click OK.

Ok. Now you're ready to use Seren. You can go to Tools > Open Settings Menu > Sort & Filter tab and adjust the preferences to your liking. You can set filters to get stream links that best fits your bandwidth.

#4. How to Setting up Trakt with Seren
Seren also provides full Trakt integration to give you access to your Collection, lists and bookmarks. Now, we're going to setup in Trakt for Seren.

4.1...Select Tools

4.2...Continue select Open Settings Menu

4.3...In the left bar, select Accounts tab and continue find & select Authorize Trakt...from the right bar

4.4...An Seren:Authorize Trakt box will popup and show you an authorization CODE (like as ABCXYZ). Copy this CODE and go to next step

4.5...Using any web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc..) & visit https://trakt.tv/activate and enter the authorization code (ABCXYZ). (You must be logged into your Trakt.tv account)

4.6...Press Yes button to link Seren to your Trakt account

4.7...Go back in Kodi you will see a Successfully authenticated with Trakt dialog, press OK to continue

After fews of seconds you’ll be asked to perform the Initial sync with Trakt, press Yes and wait until the synchronization finished. Done!

#5. How To Install Next Up Service
5.1...Go back Install from repository & select Nixgates Repo

5.2...And select Services

5.3...Select Up Next

5.4...Click Install button

5.5...Select the version from Nigates Repo

5.6...A list of kodi dependencies & plugin will required to install, click OK button to continue

5.7...Wait for Up Next Add-on installed

5.8...Now, click on Up Next

5.9...Then click on Configure button

5.10...Change Default action when nothing is selected to Don’t Play

5.11...And activate Enable on Playlists

5.12...Click OK to confirm. Done!

So. I have finished all steps to help you learn about How to install Up Next plugin in Seren & how to config Up Next service. Hope this tutorial will help you abit to make Seren Kodi Addon working better for You. If this guide is helful, please share it for your friends or anyone, anywhere that you known. THANKS SO MUCH...

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2 Responses to "Seren Kodi Addon Review, Info, Install Guide & Updates"

  1. This addon blows. Half of the shows that are available on exodus aren't available at all on here. Also most of your 1080p streams have a purple tint to them. When it works it works well but I don't doesn't the majority of the time.and yes I've installed it properly.

  2. The Seren addon build to using with Premium services, so Seren required a Premium account like as Real Debrid or Premiumize to working. It's only show you premium links that have a purple tint with great quality (720p,1080p & 4K...). If you have any premium account, it'll working so great for you.


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