Top 5 Best Kodi Addons watch 4K Movies

Hi guys, if you're using Google Search to looking for some best kodi addons to watch movies in 4K UHD format in Free. What kodi addons that you're using to watch 4K contents in your devices?...Check out our tutorial today to update more information and simple process to install Top 5 Best 4K Kodi Addons at this time.

best 4k movies kodi addons 2019

I also has a full guide with reviews & how to install " The best 1080p Movies Kodi Addons in 2019", this tutorial is being popular & following by a lot of people.

Following that success, we're continue writing reviews and updates about the kodi addons that can help you enjoy a dozens of favorite films/docs in 4K quality. Previously, to watch movies in 4K quality on Kodi. We often use a fews common addons like as Silent Hunter, Elektra Vault, ATom, Quantum or Supremacy (these addons have gone offline). But, you don't worry about that, most of working kodi addons currently that allow you to watch 4K Movies on kodi, you can found in our guide below...

Top 5 Best 4K Kodi Addons (January 2020)

#1. Phoenix Rises Addon.

Phoenix Rises is an All In One (AIO) kodi addon in November 2019 from Falcotron (author), this addon can allow you to watch a lot of media contents including 720p/ 1080p/ 4K Movies. Also you can using this addon to watch many other contents like as Live TV, Live Sports, Music, Docs & adult...

Currently, the Phoenix Rises addon allows you to watch nearly 100 movies in 4K quality and the developer is still working to add more contents
How to install Phoenix Rises kodi addon

#2. M.E.T.V

METV is an excellent multimedia kodi addon from EzzerMan. The main sections of METV addon are: Academy Awards (Oscar), One Click Movies Section, Click Once , Movies A-Z, Western, TV, Black and White Movies, TV Shows...

M.E.T.V addon offer you to watch over 200 movies with 4K quality. You can finded the list 4K movies to watching by installed this addon on your kodi then select the section Click One Movies...Check our guide install METV kodi addon.

#3. Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon addon is a popular video kodi addon that working so well so far. It's always have top ranking in trending kodi addons list. The main sections of Magic Dragon are: People Watching, New Movie Releases, New Movie Releases Screeners, 4K Movies, Catch Up TV, Documentary, Kids, Movies, Music, Radio, Sport, TV/Entertainment...

Currently, The Magic Dragon addon offer you a huge list films with over 400+ Movies in 4K UHD quality. So, if you're looking the best addon to watch 4K movie on kodi, let's installed this addon on your kodi right now. Check our guide install Magic Dragon addon.

#4. The Crew

The Crew addon is a new kodi addon 2019 by The Crew team. The slogan of this team is "The Crew is a team of highly skilled talent that provides you with the best of the best". The main sections of this addon are: Movies, Shows, Sports, IPTV, Kids, Fitness, 1 Clicks...

To watch 4K movies on The Crew addon, you need access into 1 Clicks section, then select sub section 4K UHD Movies. There are over 200+ new films with 4K quality that available & ready to enjoy. Read our guide install The Crew kodi addon.

#5. Dejavu
The Dejavu addon is also a new kodi addon 2019. This add-on is created & supported by The Wombles. It is also a excellect choices to enjoy 4K movies on your kodi. The main categories are: Stranger Things Season3, 4K UHD Movies, Top 100, Movies One Click, TV Shows, Comedians, Kids TV, The Jukebox, Radio...

At this time, Dejavu has over 100+ films & new films with 4K UHD quality. The developer is still continue updating this addon & adding more new 4K media contents in the future. Check our guide install Dejavu addon kodi

So, today we have finished our guide that show you Top 5 Best Kodi Addons Watch 4K Movies. We will try hard working to update for you more working kodi addons daily, if these addons from list above is not enough for you, check more: 

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