The Crew Repository: URL, Updates, Download & Install Guide

The Crew Repository : Infor, new URL address & .zip file to download
The Crew Repository: URL, Updates, Download & Install Guide is a part of our list "kodi repositories .zip file download". In this page, we will try working to often update more information about this repository, newest version, newest URL address, how to install The Crew repository on kodi all version & update latest version .zip file of repository.thecrew-x.x.x.zip to download.

The Crew Repo offer you to install some kodi addons including:
  • The Crew addon
  • F4mtester plugin
  • Cartoon Network
  • Ultimate Whitecream
  • Marvel Universe
  • Ghost
  • Base
  • Argasd
  • BNW Movies
  • Bumblebee TV addon
  • Enigma
  • Marauder
  • Chains Sinisters
  • Shadow

  • Youtube
  • Sportsdevil
  • Adult Swim
  • LiveStreamsPro

Latest version of Repository. TheCrew-x.x.x. zip To Download:

  • repository.thecrew-0.3.1.zip (v0.3.1): Download
v0.0.8 :
  • repository.thecrew-0.0.8.zip (v0.0.8): Download Zip or Mirror
  • Shortlink to download with Firestick: http://bit.ly/thecrew8
v0.0.7 :
  • repository.thecrew-0.0.7.zip (v0.0.8): Download Zip

New URL address to install The Crew Repository:
If you're looking for the newest URL address of official the.,.crew repository. You can finded it from our guide "The Crew kodi addon install guide". In that page, we have full guide that show you install kodi the crew step by step & often update more new information about kodi the crew.

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