FilmPlus Apk: Download & Install Guide - Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

In this tutorial "FilmPlus Apk: Download - Install Guide - Watch Free Movies & TV Shows", we will show you more info about FilmPlus app & simple process to install this streaming android apk on a Fire TV/stick, Android TV box or any other devices that running on Android OS. You're also found the url link to download FilmPlus apk newest version in our guide below...


What FilmPlus App is?

FilmPlus app is a free streaming android apk that allow you to watch Free Movies & TV Shows. It's a relived version of the legendary TerrariumTV with new link scraping technology. By using a new scraping module, Filmplus can pulling bunch of links for movies, tv shows & show you a huge amount stream link in great quality like as 1080p, HD or 4K.

This app developed for Android OS, so you can install Filmplus for all of android devices includes Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV & smart phones....

Filmplus features:

  • Real-debrid, Alldebrid, Premiumize supported.
  • Sync with Trakt favorite and watch episode records.
  • Find any movie or tv show you want.
  • 1080p and even 4K movie quality.
  • Friendly interface, easy to use.
  • Frequently update by dev to make it working well so far...
  • Only required Android 5 to install & uses.

How To Install FilmPlus Android APK

In this tutorial, we will show you two methods that help you installed success the Apk FilmPlus on any devices such as the Amazon Fire TV/Stick, Android TV, Nvidia Shield & more...

  1. Use Dowloader to sideload & install Filmplus app on Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV
  2. Use Filmplus filelinked code to install...

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#1. Dowloader Method:
Downloader app is an android app that lets you sideload any android apk files without needing to manually download and move anything over on a USB stick. All of things you need is only a direct link to type or paste in Downloader app...Click here to view our Downloader install guide to get it on your system (this is a step by step guide with pictures to install apk with downloader) . The link will open up in a new tab. Once you are done, come back here! Next...


  1. Launch the Downloader app

  2. From the home screen, enter in the URL http://bit.ly/filmplusapk

  3. Click Go.

  4. When the installer is done downloading, click on Install in the pop up prompt.

  5. After the app is done downloading, you can click Open to open it or click Done to launch it later from your Apps screen.

#2. FilmPlus Apk Filelinked Code Method:
Filelinked is an app that help you install any app to your devices with only 1-click as long as you known a valid code. Below is newest Filmplus apk filelinked code to install...

  1. Launch Filelinked.

  2. Enter in the code 26337862

  3. Inside the locker, click the download/play icon beside FilmPlus

  4. The installer APK will now download to your device.

  5. When it is done, click on the play icon again and then select Install.

  6. After the app is done downloading, you can click Open to open it or click Done to launch it later from your Apps screen.

How to Enable Real Debrid, Premiumize & All Debrid in Syncler Android APK
  • Launch Filmplus app
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to Accounts.
  • Click on Add Account beside either Real Debrid, Premiumize, or All Debrid.
  • Follow the prompt on the screen to visit the authorize page for the debrid service you are trying to activate. When you are done, click on Done in the Filmplus Android app.

Which Streaming Android app working well similar as Filmplus currently?

Beside Filmplus.,.apk, we have many other good working streaming android apps out there. Few names like as Cinema HD, Cyberflix etc...To update the new list about best android apks for free movies & tv shows, you can visit to This Page

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