How To Transfer/Send Any files to Amazon Fire TV, Android Smart TV, Simply

how to send file to amazon fire tv, android smart tv

In this tutorial today, we will show you an easy way that help you transfer, send any files to Amazon Fire TV/stick, Android smart TV from your phone. So, how to do it?....

This tutorial using an App called "Send files to TV" (or SFTTV), this is an app that running on most of OS & it's available on most of App Store including CH Play (Google Play), Aptoide Store, Amazon store. So you can installing this app so easy for all of your devices

Now, Follow all steps below to learn about "How To Transfer/Send Any files to Amazon Fire TV, Android Smart TV, Simply"

#1. Download & installing SFTTV (Send Files To TV) app for both your smart phone & smart TV (android smart TV or Fire TV)

  • For android smart phone & android smart TV, go to Google Play (CH Play) & type "Send files to TV" to find this app.

  • For Fire TV, from home screen, hover over the Search icon. In the Search box, type in sendfilestotv and click “Send files to TV - SFTTV” which will appear under keyboard. Select it & click on Download button to download & install this app for your device.

#2. After you have installed this app for both devices. Launch the application (Before starting, check than both devices are connected to the same wifi network)

#3. From your phone, Select files to transfer: Select the file in the list of files stored on your device. Filter the list to easier  find your desired file.

#4. Select the device to send file: Select your Amazon Fire TV in the list

#5. The file is transferring: Now, the file is transferring to the Amazon Fire TV. 

#6. When the transfer is completed, you can open the file directly from the application.

About this tutorial: This tutorial is so helpful for Fire TV users. You can using your smart phone to download any files including kodi addon .zip file, kodi repository .zip file or streaming android apk to your phone then transfer it to your TV devices to install.

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