ClicksVille Kodi Addon: Review, Info, Install Guide & Updates

In this tutorial "ClicksVille Kodi Addon: Review, Info, Install Guide & Updates", we will show you more infor about this new kodi addon includes:

  1. What's ClicksVille?
  2. What's newest repository address that ClicksVille add-on located inside?
  3. How to install kodi ClicksVille addon step by step
  4. Kodi addons working similar as with ClicksVille.,.addon


1. What's Kodi ClicksVille?

ClicksVille is a new video kodi addon in 2020 that supported by Pedro Kingdom (dev). The main sections include Other Addons, Real Debrid, Non Debrid Zone (Free Links),Sports, Fitness, Live Channels, Music, Radio and more..

If you do not use Real Debrid be sure to use the Non-Debrid Zone (Free Links) section.The free links section has many categories with links the that are currently working very well.


2. What's newest Repo url address that ClicksVille add-on located inside?

At this time, you can found Kodi ClicksviIle from Last Kingdom Repository. The newest url of this repository you can found in our install guide below...

We are still working daily & trying update to newest url address of each kodi repository includes Last Kingdom Repository. The newest url is always have Red colour in install guide...

3. How To Install ClicksVille Kodi Addon

In some countries, the ISPs (internet service providers) will blocking this addon by preventing or restricting access. This issue will solved by uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By using a good VPN, it'll help you PROTECT YOURSELF ON THE INTERNET by stops your internet provider from being able to see what you are accessing online & stop any ISP from blocking Kodi Addons. NordVPN is a good VPN service suggested to you by many great features & are respected by Kodi community. We offer you an exclusive discounts for NordVPN.

• Now, open your Kodi
• From the home kodi screen, click System Settings Button 
• Click File manager 
• Then scroll down to select Add source
• A box will popup, select <None>
• In media location box, you need type exactly this url: https://pedrokingdom.com/repo & click OK to confirm
• In media source box, give for it a name, ex: Pedro & continue click OK to confirm
• Go back to kodi home screen, select the line Add-ons
• Then click Add-ons Browser (box icon) on top left bar
• Now, select Install from zip file
• Find and click the line .Pedro in your list
• Continue select repository.ik.zip (select newest version)
• Wait few seconds, you'll see a notification say that "Last Kingdom Repository Add-on installed", go to next steps
• Now, select Install from repository
• Scroll down to find & select .Last Kingdom Repository
• Select Video-addons
• Find and select addon ClicksVille
• Click Install button to begin install this addon on your kodi
• Pls patient, this process will spent fews seconds or longer...All process will finished after you see the kodi's notification say that "clicksville.,.addon.,.installed".

4. Kodi ClicksVille addon alternatives

The list below are some good working sports kodi addons currently that you can choices to install them on your kodi. These addon has support for racing games...

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